Friday, December 3, 2021
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Is the world really making progress on climate change?

Governments and corporations say they are getting serious, but what’s real and what’s ‘greenwashing’? Source link

Horror at Home: China’s Domestic Violence Crisis

101 East investigates how a quarter of women across China suffer domestic violence. Source link

Is the activist economy good for social change?

Celebrities and businesses are cashing in on people's aspirations for a better world. Source link

What’s behind the UK-EU dispute in Northern Ireland?

The United Kingdom says the Northern Ireland trade rules under Brexit are not working. Source link

Democracy for Sale

Repression and rage - an exploration of how corruption and inequality have led to the failure of democracy in Lebanon. Source link

Is it too late to save our planet’s biodiversity?

UN holds conference on preserving wildlife and nature before COP26 Climate Change Summit. Source link

Is gerrymandering destroying US democracy?

Electoral reform advocates say partisan gerrymandering is weakening the value of voting in the US. Source link

Should digital currencies be regulated?

China bans the trade of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, as the US considers tighter rules. Source link

Sea Level Rise: Can we stop it?

Can we turn back the tide? Source link

Pakistani FM: Was Pakistan a safe haven for the Taliban?

Shah Mahmood Qureshi discusses his country's stance on the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan. Source link
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Photos: Clashes in Beirut near protest against blast probe judge

Several people have been killed and dozens of others wounded when gunfire erupted during a protest in Beirut by the armed group Hezbollah...

Coldplay announce new ‘eco-friendly’ tour

Coldplay put a pause on touring in 2019 due to concerns about the environmental impact of concerts.Four years after their A Head Full...

17 Wild Nike Deals to Supercharge Your Fall Wardrobe

Looking for the best Nike deals on the market? Look no further. Whether your sneaker rotation is feeling a touch stale, your worn-out...

In Bangkok, Thai police are brutalising child protesters

As Thailand’s youth-led protests gather momentum after strict COVID-19 lockdowns muzzled the freedom to peacefully assemble for months, newspaper coverage of recent rallies...
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